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The Conservative Caucus and the Coalition to Block the North American Union: News Conference in Ottawa Canada, August 20, 2007
The Conservative Caucus, a founding member of the Coalition to Block the North American Union held a very successful news conference in Ottawa, Canada during the NAU/SPP summit with Presidents Bush and Calderon and Prime Minister Harper.
News Release - Statements: Howard Phillips, Connie Fogal, John McManus, Tom DeWeese, Bob Park, Pat Boone, Rep. Virgil Goode, Rep. Ron Paul, Rep. Walter JonesPhotos: Howard Phillips, Jerome Corsi, Connie Fogal, John McManus, Tom Deweese, Bob Park, Montebello Sign. Media: Interview availability, contact Charles Orndorff 703-938-9626

Interviews, coverage, and news conference attendees include: CTV TV News (video) or 2nd stream,, Fox News (Watch Video), Reuters, Canadian National Newspaper & 2nd story & 3rd story, CJSS Radio, KGMI Radio, Alex Jones, KZYX Radio, KSTX Radio (MP3), CFRA News Radio (MP3), Philadelphia Bulletin, Crosswalk, Canadian Press, CJAD Radio, BBS Radio, Global Outlook Magazine, Radio 940, Ottawa Sun (story also printed in other Sun papers), Q-104 Radio, The Canadian, National Post, Toronto Street News, Canadian Christianity, WPTF Radio, WorldNetDaily, & More & More, Washington Times, CNS News (with video), Globe and Mail, La Presse (in French) & (translation), Ocala Star Banner (letter), Digg, Barrie Examiner, Peterboro Examiner & 2nd story, Canada Free Press, Exchange Magazine, Wall Street Journal Let us know if you take action.

 Harold Berman | November 30, 2007 | Digg This


My mentor, Dr. Rousas J. Rushdoony, frequently spoke with high praise of Professor Harold J. Berman, the Harvard Law School professor (influenced by Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy) who wrote an extremely important book, "Law and Revolution".

The New York Times (Nov. 18, 2007, p. 29) said "Mr. Berman often left the ivory tower. In 2005, he joined the religious broadcaster Pat Robertson in writing a brief to defend the Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of the Texas Capitol. He called the commandments a foundation of Texas law, and noted that the Declaration of Independence invoked God."

 Congressman Paul Broun & NAU | November 28, 2007 | Digg This

I spent a productive hour-plus on November 15 with Congressman Paul Broun of Georgia, who scored a major upset in a special election to succeed the late Congressman Charles Norwood of Georgia.

Broun is a hardcore Constitutional conservative, and I spent much of the time encouraging him to make opposition to the North American Union (NAU) a key element of his re-election campaign. He had already used the issue in the special election, but I argued that he needs to be very specific and develop his opposition to the NAU as a unique selling point.

 Michael Billings | November 21, 2007 | Digg This


God determines the hour and the occasion for our passing, and it is not for us to question His decisions.

We, nonetheless, must grieve at the death of Michael Billings, who at the age of 19, was an accomplished theologian, activist, and leader. A scholar in residence at my son, Doug’s Vision Forum, he helped train interns and was as much an expert on the writings of Dr. R. J. Rushdoony as any other living person.

The son of Dr. and Mrs. Michael Billings of Missouri, Michael impressed me from the moment I met him. All the way back in 1992 when he was a bit more than four years old, Michael, together with his parents, was on the streets collecting signatures for my Presidential candidacy as the nominee of the then U.S. Taxpayers Party.

Michael died on November 4 in a car accident as he was returning to San Antonio from a R. C. Sproul conference in Dallas, Texas.

 Pat Robertson | November 14, 2007 | Digg This


Many people were surprised that Pat Robertson gave his endorsement for the GOP nomination to former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, despite Robertson’s expressed differences with the stands Giuliani has taken on such issues as abortions, sodomy, and gun control.

Some have speculated that Robertson simply wanted to be with the winner, but I believe there is another factor that played into Robertson’s thinking.

For years, Robertson has denounced Mormonism and made clear that he could not support a candidate of the Mormon faith.

Robertson’s support of Giuliani reflected his desire to block the nomination of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, a Mormon, to head the Republican Presidential ticket.

 Tom Meskill | November 8, 2007 | Digg This


Thomas J. Meskill, former governor of Connecticut who died on October 29 at the age of 79, was one of my best friends during his tenure in the U.S. House of Representatives.

It was my regret that he accepted a Federal judgeship instead of seeking election to the U.S. Senate.

 Constitution Day | November 2, 2007 | Digg This

TCC’s Seventh Annual Commemoration of Constitution Day, co-sponsored by The Conservative Caucus Foundation and the U.S. Taxpayers Alliance, held on September 17, was a great success.  The entire program was recorded on video and audio tape.  If you wish to obtain a copy of the DVD, please contact Art Harman at 703-938-9626 or for further details.  Lev Navrozov received USTA’s Andrew Jackson “Champion of Liberty” Award, in recognition of his efforts to warn America about the growing threat to our national survival posed by Communist China.  The two other outstanding speakers were Professor Brad Smith (former Chairman of the Federal Election Commission and one of America’s top defenders of the First Amendment) and Tom DeWeese (Founder and President of the American Policy Center) who gave a comprehensive review of the Bush Administration’s support for the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), the North American Union (NAU), and the NAFTA Superhighway.

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