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  Bush Amnesty | November 29, 2006 | Digg This


Looking back at the November 7 elections, it is interesting to note that two Republicans who supported President Bush’s amnesty "guest worker" bill were defeated --- Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island and Mike DeWine of Ohio.

At the same time, a number of opponents of the bill won re-election, including Jon Kyl of Arizona, Trent Lott of Mississippi, John Ensign of Nevada, Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas, Orrin Hatch of Utah, and Craig Thomas of Wyoming.

  Milton Friedman | November 28, 2006 | Digg This


Milton Friedman died in San Francisco on November 16. I had the privilege of knowing Dr. Friedman for some 35 years.

Most memorable in the interchanges I enjoyed with him was an occasion when I urged him to favorably consider the virtues of a revenue tariff. I argued that we ought to abolish the IRS, repeal the Sixteenth Amendment, eliminate the income tax and go back to the original founders’ plan of sustaining the legitimate objects of the Federal government with excises, imposts, and duties.

At first Dr. Friedman pooh-poohed my recommendation because of his intrinsic opposition to all forms of tariffs. He argued that we would never be able to cut Federal spending down to a level where the Federal government’s proper activities could be sustained by means of tariffs and excises.

Eventually, after three or four rounds of give and take, he did agree with me that, were the spending to be cut to appropriate levels, a tariff would, in fact, be better than an income tax.

I was grateful for that honorable admission on his part.

  Pro-Life Action for Lame-Duck Session | November 20, 2006 | Digg This


The despicable, disgraceful, destructive Presidency of George W. Bush was highlighted today (November 18, 2006) with a picture which appeared on the front page of hundreds of newspapers all over America showing the President of the United States in front of a Communist Vietnamese flag and a statue of Ho Chi Minh in opposition to whom tens of thousands of Americans gave their lives.

President Bush is not dumb, but he is a fool, and his Presidency has been one of the most destructive in American history.

Bush’s behavior makes America contemptible in the eyes of those who despise us.

  Pro-Life Action for Lame-Duck Session | November 15, 2006 | Digg This


Steve Lefemine of South Carolina asks "As the US House and US Senate come back into session today (Nov. 13) for the home stretch of the 109th Congress, will the Republicans do in their last 50 days what they have failed to do for the last 12 years? …, i.e. ‘do right’ for the unborn, including at least these two things:

  1. "Hold a pubic hearing for the Right to Life (HR 552), a bill to ban all abortion in America, which has been repeatedly filed since at least 1995!

  2. "Amend the Health and Human Services Appropriations bill (HR 5647) to:

  • de-fund Medicaid surgical abortions;

  • de-fund Medicaid and Title X chemical abortions; and,

  • de-fund Planned Parenthood, getting over $100 million per year from Title X and Medicaid."

Steve, speaking in behalf of Columbia Christians for Life, goes on to say:

  1. "Right to Life Act (HR 552) (see bill at

  2. "Hold a public hearing for the Right to Life Act (HR 552), repeatedly introduced since at least 1995, currently with over 100 co-sponsors, and yet it has never even had a public hearing, though the Republicans have been in the majority in the US House continually since 1995!!!

  3. "Right to Life Act (Introduced in US House) HR 552 - sponsor, Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA)


  5. "Current Party Divisions of the House: (109th Congress, January 2005 through January 2, 2007) 229 Republicans, 201 Democrats, 1 Independent, 4 Vacancies

  6. "New Party Divisions of the House: (110th Congress, beginning o/a January 3, 2007) 232 Democrats, 203 Republicans

  7. 2006/front.htm

  8. "H.R. 552 is sponsored by Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA), who has announced he is running for U.S. President. The Right to Life Act is in the US House Subcommittee on the Constitution (chaired by Rep. Steve Chabot (R-OH), of the House Judiciary Committee (chaired by Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI), both committees still controlled by a Republican-majority throughout the remainder of the now ‘lame-duck’ 109th Congress, until January 2, 2007.

  9. "Call these three Republican Congressmen, and urge them to finally hold a public hearing for HR 552 now while Republicans still control the committees and chairmanships in Congress through January 2, 2007:

  10. "Representative Duncan Hunter (R-CA): 202-225-5672

  11. "Representative Steve Chabot (R-OH): 202-225-22165
    202-225-3012 (fax)

  12. "Representative James Sensenbrenner (R-WI): 202-225-5101
    "U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, DC 20515 202-224-3121

  13. "Health and Human Services Appropriations bill (HR 5647)

  14. See bill at

  15. "Amend the Health and Human Services Appropriations bill (HR 5647) to:

  16. de-fund Medicaid surgical abortions;

  17. de-fund Medicaid and Title X chemical abortions; and,

  18. de-fund Planned Parenthood, getting over $100 Million per year from Title X and Medicaid.

  19. "This HHS bill has passed the House Committee on Appropriations, and is now waiting to be taken up on the House floor.




  23. "H.R. 5647  Title: Making appropriations for the Department of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, and related agencies for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2007, and for other purposes.

  24. "Will the Republicans in their last 50 days of majority control of Congress pass a Health and Human Services Appropriations bill (HR 5647) that NO LONGER FUNDS these abominations?:

  25. Medicaid surgical abortions (rape, incest, life of the mother)

  26. Medicaid and Title X chemical abortions

  27. Planned Parenthood (Planned Murder, Inc.) through Title X and Medicaid

  28. Birth control for unmarried adolescents, even if the parents object (Title X)

  29. "Planned Parenthood reports record 255,000-plus abortions last year (2004-2005) …Planned Parenthood received $272.7 million in state and federal funding…

  30. "U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, DC 20515 202-224-3121

  31. "Please call your individual Congressman, from your own US House district, from your own State, while he is back in Washington, D.C., beginning today, November 13, and ask them to introduce an amendment on the floor of the US House, when the HHS Appropriations bill (HR 5647) is taken up, to

  32. 1) de-fund Medicaid surgical abortions;

  33. 2) de-fund Medicaid and Title X chemical abortions; and,

  34. 3) to de-fund Planned Parenthood from getting over $100 Million per year from Title X and Medicaid through this HHS bill. …

  35. "Specific Title X and Medicaid surgical abortion language to be deleted by House floor amendment: (go to, enter bill HR 5647)

  36. "H.R. 5647  "Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act,. 2007 (Reported in House)

  37. "Title X – ask your Congressman to introduce an amendment to delete the $283 Million for the Title X birth control, Planned Parenthood, and population control funding program:

  38. "TITLE II – DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES  Health Resources and Services Administration  "Provided further, That of the funds made available under this heading, $283,103,000 shall be for the program under title X of the PHS Act to provide for voluntary family planning projects:

  39. "Medicaid surgical abortions – ask your Congressman to introduce an amendments to simply delete SEC. 508(a), and thereby remove the mandatory requirement that states fund Medicaid abortions for rape, incest, and life of the mother, if they want to continue receiving Medicaid (socialized medicine) money from the federal government.

  40. "SEC. 508. (a) The limitations established in the preceding section shall not apply to an abortion—

  41. "(1) if the pregnancy is the result of an act of rape or incest; or

  42. "(2) in the case where a woman suffers from a physical disorder, physical injury, or physical illness, including a life-endangering physical condition caused by or arising form the pregnancy itself, that would, as certified by a physician, place the woman in danger of death unless an abortion is performed.

  43. "When is the Republican Party going to carry out its own national party platform, and exercise the power that Congress and the President have had at their disposal for over 33 years, to end abortion in America by applying Art. III, Sec. 2 of the US Constitution, and limiting the appellate jurisdiction of the US supreme Court, thereby preventing if form overturning a Congressional bill to ban all abortions in America?

  44. "This is the strategy of the Sanctity of Life Act of 2005 (HR 776), sponsored by Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX): [removes jurisdiction of Federal Courts] 


  Election Analysis by Howard Phillips | November 9, 2006 | Digg This


For further information, contact:

November 9, 2006

Charles Orndorff, 703-938-9626


Howard Phillips, Chairman of The Conservative Caucus, a non-partisan public policy action organization founded in 1974, issued the following statement concerning the nationwide defeat of Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives:

"The November 7 election results are, to a significant degree, attributable to the policies of the Bush Administration in many areas, in addition to Iraq. These include:

  • advocacy of amnesty for illegal aliens,

  • failure to enforce existing immigration laws which require penalization of corporations which hire illegal aliens,

  • promotion of a North American Union (NAU) scheme to merge the United States with Canada and Mexico,

  • historically high subsidies to Planned Parenthood,

  • appointment of open homosexuals to key positions,

  • massive expansion of the Federal role in education,

  • increased funding of the United Nations,

  • expansion of foreign aid,

  • failure to move forward deployment effectively of a ballistic missile defense,

  • budget busting expansion of non-defense Federal spending and massive increases in annual deficits and the overall national debt,

  • trade policies which have undermined America’s manufacturing base and placed millions of American jobs at risk,

  • approval of anti-family FDA policies such as authority for the distribution of RU-486 and over-the-counter sales of "morning after" contraceptives,

  • approval of threats to U.S. civil liberties, including elements of the Patriot Act,

  • signing into law the McCain-Feingold election regulation bill in clear violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution.

"The tragedy is that the Republican Congressional leadership in the House and Senate, by and large, rubber stamped unconstitutional Bush Administration policies, instead of fulfilling responsibilities of oversight and independent judgment as intended by the framers of the U.S. Constitution which made the Legislative Branch of our government primary in our Federal system.

"One can only hope that, during a time of partisan gridlock, Republicans in Congress will manifest a degree of independence from unwise Bush Administration policies and that the President himself will stand against unwise policies of the new Democrat Party majorities in Congress.

"Tragically, during the campaign season just ended, in most parts of the country, conservative voters, in order to manifest their unhappiness, were put in a position of either (a) holding their nose and voting for Republicans with whom they disagreed, (b) staying away from the polls, or (c) voting for imperfect Democratic candidates.

"Fortunately, in some instances, the Democrats put forward candidates who were more conservative than their Republican adversaries and a handful of these candidates were successful on election day.

"My hope is that, as we draw closer to the 2008 Presidential and Congressional elections, Constitutionally faithful candidates not tied to the Bush Administration will receive significant media attention and popular support."


  Red Auerbach | November 7, 2006 | Digg This


Growing up in Boston, I was a devoted fan of the Boston Celtics and spent many a night with my ear pressed against the radio in my bedroom listening to their struggles with the Syracuse Nationals and other teams.

What a great cast of characters they had, one of the greatest in sports history, and credit for the assembly goes to their wonderful coach and general manager, Red Auerbach, who died recently.

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