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  News Release - Red China | December 27, 2005


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  For further information, contact:


Charles Orndorff, 703-281-6782


Conservative Americans are seriously concerned about the threat from Red China, and want strong action by the U.S. government, according to a poll conducted by The Conservative Caucus Research, Analysis and Education Foundation, Inc.

More than 75% rated their concern about China as a ten on a one to ten scale, while only 4.6% rated it lower than 6. At least 98% expressed concern over each of three threats - economic, military, and the conquest of Taiwan.

The poll showed strong support for a more protective trade policy, with at least 89% backing revocation of Most Favored Nation status, a 100% tariff on Chinese goods, and the end of religious and political persecution as a condition for loans.

U.S. military strength was also on the minds of those responding. More than 90% advocated an increase in U.S. military power as well as greater cooperation with other Asian powers. Support topped 80% for aid to Taiwan and avoiding military entanglement in other parts of the world.

The poll was conducted by mail during the fall months, with approximately 1,000 people responding.


  Merry Christmas | December 23, 2005

Dear Friend:

Peggy and I and all of our children and grandchildren are grateful for the support you have extended during the year. Please accept my best wishes and those of my family for a joyous Christmas, as well as a healthy, safe, and productive New Year.

Thanks to you and our many supporters across this great land, The Conservative Caucus celebrated its 31st anniversary year in 2005 and was able to make a major contribution to the public policy debate on the Supreme Court nominations of John Roberts and Harriet Miers, restoring the strength of our Navy, and other issues.

Through the Constitution Restoration Act (CRA) and in other ways, we continue to press our unending campaign to advance the Biblical and Constitutional principles which are the foundation of our long-term effort to restore the American republic.

We are grateful for God’s patience with us, and for the ways in which He has enabled us to be used. We pray that we will be faithful and effective during the crucial days ahead. By God’s grace, we will continue to make progress towards our shared objectives.

May God bless you and your family at Christmas and throughout the New Year.

Many thanks for your friendship and support.

Howard Phillips

P.S. Please feel free to bring me news about your family and your own activities, as well as your plans for 2006. I look forward to hearing from you.

  Jack Anderson | December 22, 2005


Scandal monger Jack Anderson died on December 17. This vicious newsman, with little regard for the truth, was a protégé and then a partner of the notorious left-winger, Drew Pearson.

During my period as Director of the U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity, Anderson wrote several malignant columns concerning me which he must have known had no basis in fact.

Late in life, Anderson did a U-turn and developed a reputation for conservatism.

Although I can forgive Mr. Anderson, I cannot praise him.

  Tom Davis is a Panderer | December 20, 2005

Tom Davis-Devolites, the most liberal Republican in the Virginia Congressional delegation, is at it again.

Despite a clear Constitutional stipulation that the District of Columbia is to be under Congress, not part of it, Davis is urging voting rights for the Federal District, which is overloaded with lawyers and lobbyists.

Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution says Congress shall have power “To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles squares) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States”.

  Bill Proxmire | December 19, 2005


Another great American, who happened to be a Democrat, died today (December 15, 2005). Bill Proxmire left this world at the age of 90.

I had the opportunity to develop a personal friendship with Senator Proxmire (D-Wisconsin), based on his political independence, integrity, and courage.

During one of the times I was campaigning against funding for Federal Legal Services lawyers, Senator Proxmire (who had been on the other side) granted me an audience. I was able to persuade him that the Legal Services program was destructive, as well as unconstitutional.

He considered the evidence I provided, and courageously broke ranks with liberal Democrats in his home state of Wisconsin. As a result of his changed position, he came under attack from the state and national bar associations and from many members of his own party. But he held firm, because he concluded that what I had told him was correct, and that the Federal Legal Services program should be opposed.

He was courageous in many other ways, focusing on wasted government funds, originating the Golden Fleece Award (highlighting Federal spending abuses), and more.

USA Today (12/16/05) observed: "Although Proxmire was generally considered a liberal Democrat when he began his political career, he later said he found such labels useless. He opposed abortion and school busing, and was rated by the National Taxpayers Union consistently as the toughest foe of government waste. Even though he condemned Pentagon officials for cost overruns, he was a supporter of a strong defense. He also was an advocate for a balanced budget."

He was a great man and no similar Democrat remains in the U.S. Senate today.

  Buy the Book | December 15, 2005


Elizabeth "Libby" Miller Fitzgerald has written a book about her Dad, Bill Miller, who was Barry Goldwater’s Vice Presidential running mate in 1964.


Both Libby and her Dad were personal friends of mine.

Prominently featured on my wall is a picture of me with Miller, a Congressman from New York, during his tenure as Chairman of the Republican National Committee. He had previously been Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Libby was a member of the Young Republican Club at Newton College, which club was founded and led by my future wife, Peggy.

Libby was a strong supporter of mine when I won election as State Chairman of the Massachusetts College Republicans.

Another good friend in the club was Kathy Wilson, daughter of New York’s then GOP Lieutenant Governor, Malcolm Wilson.

My wife was also a friend of Mary Anne Morrissey, whose Dad, Francis X. Morrissey, despite a very questionable record, was Ted Kennedy’s first recommended nominee to the Federal judiciary --- a nomination put forward by his brother, President Jack Kennedy, but subsequently withdrawn under a hail of criticism.

By the way, Bill Miller was a terrific guy and was justly proud of his very fine daughter.

Other famous personages, including Jackie Gleason, had daughters at Newton College. Gleason frequently visited the campus in glorious fashion, along the lines of his television character, "Reginald Van Gleason III". In addition to his extraordinary talent as an actor, comedian, composer, and conductor, Gleason also was a man’s man and a delightful person.

  Braves Downsized | December 14, 2005


As a fan of the Braves since age 5 when I lived in Boston, a fan who remained loyal to them as they traveled to Milwaukee and then Atlanta, I have been deeply saddened by some of the recent changes in the Braves line-up.

One of my favorites, Julio Franco, at age 47, will begin playing for the New York Mets. Leo Mazzone, the greatest pitching coach in baseball, is now on the staff of the Baltimore Orioles. Rafael Furcal, the greatest shortstop in baseball, will be playing in 2006 for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

In previous years, we’ve lost Greg Maddux (to the Chicago Cubs) and Tom Glavine (to the New York Mets). There have been many other departures as well, including star pitchers Kevin Millwood, Russ Ortiz, Jaret Wright, and Denny Neagle, not to mention catcher Johnny Estrada, infielder Vinny Castilla, and more.

This is very difficult. Much of it is the result of a limited payroll mandated from above by the team’s owners. Nonetheless, it bodes ill for the Braves’ success in 2006.

Sadly, the team to watch in the NL East next season is the New York Mets, who have spent a fortune during the "hot stove league" period in acquiring some of baseball’s top talent, including Billy Wagner of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Another big loss for the Braves was the departure of Kyle Farnsworth to the New York Yankees. Farnsworth flopped in the post-season, but he turned out to be a superb reliever during the latter part of the regular season.

The only good news is that the Braves dumped Danny Kolb and sent him back to Detroit from which he ought never to have departed.

  Eugene McCarthy | December 13, 2005


Eugene McCarthy, who died on Saturday, December 10, was one of the great men of the Twentieth Century.

I first noticed McCarthy in the 1950s when he brilliantly debated William F. Buckley, Jr. on national television in the context of the 1956 Presidential campaign, where another hero of mine, T. Coleman Andrews, Sr., was a Presidential candidate running on a Constitution Party ticket.

McCarthy was brilliant, witty, and knowledgeable. I worked with him in opposing the Federal election law amendments of 1974, and had several opportunities to chat with him. It is not oxymoronic to say that Gene McCarthy was an "honest liberal". It was always a pleasure to hear him speak, to read his words, and to enjoy his wit.

There is no one like him on the political scene today.

  Bill Lockyer & the 9th Circuit Court | December 12, 2005


In 1975, Bill Lockyer, now the Attorney General of California, then a leader in the Young Democrats, was one of nine people who joined me on an 18-day high-level tour of the Soviet Union and its satellites.

We met with top officials in Azerbaijan, Leningrad, Moscow, and Lithuania. We also met privately with anti-Soviet dissidents.

Others on the trip included Hubert H. (Skip) Humphrey (the son of the Vice President), Frank Fahrenkopf (now the head of the American Gambling Association), Don Sundquist (a future Governor of Tennessee), Mickey Griffith (Alabama Governor George Wallace’s representative on the Democratic National Committee), and others.

There are many tales to tell from that trip, but, for now, let me congratulate my friend, liberal Democrat Bill Lockyer for his rebuke of the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

As reported in The Los Angeles Times (12/6/05), "California Atty. Gen. Bill Lockyer urged the Supreme Court on Monday to shield the state courts from being second-guessed on criminal cases by the judges of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, the most liberal of the federal appellate courts.

"He was challenging a recent 9th Circuit ruling that reversed the 9-year-old drug conviction of a Los Angeles man because of possible race bias in the selection of one of the jurors.

"The justices should make clear there is ‘a presumption of correctness for state court fact-finding,’ said Lockyer, making his first appearance before the high court.

"Lockyer complained that 320 lawyers at the state Department of Justice spend most of their time responding to criminal appeals in the federal courts.

  NASCAR's Principles | December 9, 2005


In 1975, dissatisfied with the Presidency of Gerald Ford, several of us joined together in an effort to launch, if not a new political party at least an independent Presidential candidacy.

Our group, which included Richard Viguerie, Paul Weyrich, Kevin Phillips, Pat Buchanan, Bob Walker, Charlie Snider, Bill Rusher, and Kenneth Rast, met privately at various times with former California Governor Ronald Reagan, former Texas Governor John Connally, and former Alabama Governor George Wallace.

In connection with the approach to Wallace, we were hosted by Wallace’s close friend, Bill France, who founded the racetracks at Daytona Beach, Florida, Talladega, Alabama, and elsewhere.

On one particularly memorable day, several of us enjoyed Bill France’s hospitality at the Talladega track, where Mr. France evidenced great sympathy for our purposes.

It was, therefore, sad to discover the extent to which Bill France’s progeny have departed from the elder France’s Constitutional principles.

According to Frank Gillispie at, "Brian France, boss of NASCAR, continues his efforts to turn his back on the people who drove his organization into a billion dollar business. He told correspondent Lesley Stahl on 60 Minutes, ‘It’s not a flag that I look at with anything favorable. That’s for sure,’ France added that he cannot tell people what flags to fly that he does not encourage the battle flag. …

"In fact, Confederate emblems are already forbidden from display anywhere NASCAR has control.

" ‘Any area that NASCAR controls at the racetrack, you will never see the Confederate flag,’ said NASCAR diversity director Tish Sheets in a recent interview. ‘It is not allowed on race cars, driver uniforms, in the garage area or any NASCAR-licensed product.’

"That was made clear several years ago when the Sons of Confederate Veterans budgeted funds to sponsor a car. NASCAR refused to allow the sponsorship even though several teams were struggling to stay in existence."

Bill France was proud of his southern heritage and the heroism that is symbolized by the Confederate battle flag --- but the wrists have grown limp and the blood runs thin.

  Good News  | December 6, 2005


Good news --- responding to pressure from The Conservative Caucus and others, the U.S. Navy is on the verge of reversing the steady decline it has experienced since Dick Cheney’s days as Secretary of Defense and has embarked on a new shipbuilding program.

As reported in The New York Times (12/5/05), "The Navy wants to increase its fleet to 313 ships by 2020, reversing years of decline in naval shipbuilding and adding dozens of warships designed to defeat emerging adversaries, senior Defense Department officials say."

  Ted Koppel  | December 1, 2005


Back in the 1980’s when I co-hosted a daily three-hour radio talk show on WRC (NBC’s Washington, D.C. affiliate) and served as co-host for CNN’s "Crossfire", I had occasional contact with Ted Koppel of ABC’s "Nightline", who has recently retired.

Unfortunately, my previously high regard for Mr. Koppel ended as the result of an experience I had in his "Nightline" studio later in the 1980’s.

I had just returned from South Africa (RSA) where I had helped lead a delegation concerned about growing Communist influence in that country, which Marxist-Leninist influence manifested itself in some of the most brutal acts of terrorism of the modern era.

Upon my return to Virginia, I answered my door one afternoon to find a half dozen of those with whom I had met in the RSA. They had come to America seeking my help in exposing the brutality which they and their associates had suffered at the hands of the African National Congress (ANC).

One of my visitors was an African-American woman whose husband and two sons had been "necklaced" and burned to death by Nelson Mandela’s ANC.

Other guests included a young lady who had been disfigured as the result of a terrorist bombing at a railway station, as well as John and Cindy Leontsinis, founders of "Victims Against Terrorism", who had come to South Africa from Chile to escape growing Cuban Communist influence under the regime of Chile’s Premier, Salvador Allende.

Other members of the RSA group also had first hand accounts which they wished to share.

During their visit, they were hosted by Jerry Falwall on stage in Lynchburg, Virginia at the "Old Time Gospel Hour" and interviewed by a number of journalists.

At my request, Ted Koppel permitted my friends to await an audience with him in ABC’s "green room". I had high hopes that Koppel would reference the experiences of these individuals on "Nightline", particularly since on that very day, his program had featured accounts of chaos, brutality, and acts of terror at an especially horrendous soccer game disruption in Europe, where a significant number of people died in the melee.

Koppel dismissed, out of hand, the heartfelt testimony of my friends, saying, in effect, that murderous behavior by the ANC was not the kind of terrorism in which he had an interest.

At that point, I regretfully concluded that Mr. Koppel’s bias corrupted the integrity of his journalism.

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